George Floyd (October 14, 1973 – May 25, 2020) an American man who was passionate about basketball. He was an introvert man who did what the white guys told him to do. His family name was Perry. He had a father with three children including him. He was a black guy.

On May 25, 2020 a sad and shocking news came of George Floyd's death. He was 46 Years old at that time, when he went to a shop to buy cigarettes. He allegedly attempted to pay for goods with a counterfeit (Fake) $20 bill (As said by the Shopkeeper), which resulted in the shopkeeper calling the police for immediate help. The police arrived and pointed a gun at George Floyd. The event was not resisted by George Floys as revealed in the security footage. He was held by police in jail in a very acutely disturbed situation where he was not able to breathe. Floyd became unconscious and stopped moving as the security footage revealed. This eventually lead to the Death of George Floyd's death. It is said that The American police official had his knee on George Floyd's neck for about 8 Minutes.

Protest started happening right away. More than 400 cities showed their anger against the Death of George Floyd by the means of Protest. People started looting branded stores like Louis Vuitton. Thousands of people gathered around the world to protest against the sad death of George Floyd in groups, like people gathered in Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Syria, Brazil, Mexico, Ireland, Etc.

This was a sad death of George Floyd to which people are reacting and want justice for his death.


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