The Hong Kong Protests (Against China)

Hong Kong was a British Colony from 1842. British signed a treaty which gave the rule authority to British of 100 Years. Therefore, by the end of 1942 the ownership decision was to be taken. But, Japan occupied Hong Kong from 1941 to 1945 during the Second World War. Afterwards, By the end of the war in 1945, Hong Kong had been liberated by joint British and Chinese troops and returned to British rule. The treaty was over by that time. Afterwards The rule was forwarded to China. A new treaty was made for 50 years rule after which Hong Kong would become the part of China. From July 1, 1997 Hong Kong became colony of China.

Hong Kong before Protest's

From the start itself Hong Kong have its own Judiciary, executive and legislature which was never pampered. In addition the laws were purely based on the decision of Hong Kong government. From the start Hong Kong followed one nation two system policy. That means the nation is one but the systems are different and should not be interfered. Hong Kong was happy with this system. In addition they didn’t wanted any change in their system.

Where the protest started

The ownership was in the hands of China but the one nation two system policy continued. China was to take over Hong Kong after the Treaty was over. But China started to intervene in the system of Hong Kong. This set the foundation of all the protests happening in Hong Kong.

What did china do?

The people were happy with their old systems going on. The Hong Kong protest against China started after China try to change the systems. China intervened and made Hong Kong partial Democracy. Half of the Hong Kong Government is elected by the Vote of China. In Addition Hong Kong Government passed the the Extradition bill which stated that the Fugitives can be transferred Taiwan, Mainland China and Macau. By this China could have controlled the Fugitives of Hong Kong, thus intervening in the system. It is said that the Hong Kong Government is a puppet Government of China.

as a result These issues escalated quickly and people gathered in millions to Protest. In Addition The act was heavily opposed by the Hong Kong Police Forces. as a Result Hong Kong was being supported by many nations including USA. Many nations took side of Hong Kong protests against China. The support for Hong Kong around the world is growing day by day.

China’s Next Step

In order to curb the issue a new law is announced which stated that the people of Hong Kong will not be allowed to protest. Furthermore, any person indulged in the Protest will be looked as anti nationalist and illegal terrorist activity. Thus taking away the basic human rights from the people. As a result the people of Hong Kong are now having full rage against China and the Hong Kong Government which is said to be controlled by China.

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